avengiary asked:

Hello!! Sorry to bother you, but I really adore your art and your style! But I also have a question for you. How do you draw such great, interesting poses? I mean, sometimes characters do just have to stand places- but fun poses are so hard (at least, I struggle with them!). Like I said- sorry to bother you and I absolutely love your art!

Hi I'm a blog. Answer:

Not too much to it, I think!! I never think of of actively trying to draw interesting poses, rather it’s more like: “1. Draw a pose. 2. Try not to repeat it. Like, ever.” I am never content with drawing the same things and am always on the lookout for new poses from real life, movies, cartoons, comics, etc.

I also am guilty of acting poses and gestures out-in my head at least, the less intuitive ones I actually have to stand my ass up to perform them to get a decent feel when drawing them out.  If you have characters and can get into their head and imagine how they’d move and gesticulate, perfect! Mirrors and webcams and incredibly tolerant friends who are willing to put up and help with your seemingly strange antics are added beneficial tools to your endeavors. Hope that helps!!

missdowns-hift asked:

Is Crazy Flush a comic that is being made, as in I can find it somewhere, or is it just in the works? Or is it not a comic at all? PLEASE TELL ME THINGS ABOUT THIS THING IT LOOKS SO INTERESTING

Hi I'm a blog. Answer:

For the longest time Crazy Flush has always existed as a story in my head but I’m making plans for it to be made into a webcomic. As much as I’d love to talk your ear off about the story I can’t divulge too many specifics other than it’s about hobos in the semi-old west and their quest to save their sun from going out while evading the law, the land’s most dangerous bounty hunters, and their past.

Thanks for your interest! 

dho90 asked:

Not really a question but a comment of your AMAZING Stuff, Love your curves on them drawing so much POWER!

Hi I'm a blog. Answer:

Thank you! Being told my stuff is powerful is so flattering makes me feel real powerful too, hahaha.