I like colors

Tell me your favorite color! The catch is you have to be specific with the shade of color. So instead of “red” or “green”, it’d be “vermillion” or “electric lime green”!



  1. redfruitwhiteseeds answered: Aquamarine blue and shocking pink!
  2. chocoberryhoney answered: as* kicking parkour flying blue bird jeans ;))
  3. spookymarks answered: electric blue .
  4. jakkrobbit answered: Ultramarine blue
  5. windupthinker answered: jungle green. it was always my go-to crayon. :P
  6. run3ll answered: vanilla
  7. iswearididnttouchanything said: blue! …no! yelllooooooowwwww…….
  8. enchantinginfinity answered: Midnight blue
  9. quikanims answered: Red, for some reason I have been all my life irresistibly attracted to this color…
  10. dark-seraph answered: My favorite color is Lavender
  11. nnenneartisst answered: my favorite colours are Lipstick Red, Hot Pink, Burgundy and Rose Pink :)
  12. szymonides-thumblr-user answered: cyberpunk blue
  13. phokit answered: caput mortuum synthetisch
  14. scribblefizz answered: Chartreuse is easily my favorite because it’s just a fun word. Totally can’t pick any other way though, I love colors too much.
  15. papercloudz answered: cerulean blue
  16. happiviolence answered: aqua blue and orange red!
  17. afictitious answered: teal-blue and hot magenta ~90s POWER COLORS~
  18. nightshard answered: Amaranth or alizarin crimson. The pinkish/purplish reds. :O
  19. artsycloudypard answered: Wisteria, or Purple Mountain’s Majesty, or Lilac or Lavender!!
  20. zarnage answered: Cherry red!
  21. glitchikinns said: Cyan!
  22. catchat105 answered: chartreuse
  23. myrotflcopter answered: mint green and teal! :3
  24. foxesandcrayons answered: Fresh water Cyan
  25. mayeko said: CHARTREUSE!
  26. foreign-dimensions answered: TARDIS blue
  27. watermelon-woos answered: Phthalo blue! :D
  28. pokeminimal answered: kindergarden green, old yellow [pronounced old yeller] , bromance blue, pulsing purple!!
  29. brokenbowstring answered: pale mint green
  30. gelatofish answered: my fav color combo is mikado yellow and pansy purple uwu
  31. kirbish answered: Agent Orange
  32. sinisteray answered: Tawny. I have a werewolf OC whose name is Tawny. (Also teal. Teal is a nice color.)
  33. aquato answered: pistachio green <:
  34. jarofmayonnaise answered: I tend to lean towards lavender or wisteria purple.
  35. princess-adrienne answered: evil math teacher’s correcting pen red
  36. maguneedsalife answered: navy blue
  37. ginguzzler answered: Orange pulp